Sunday, October 13, 2013


After a good hiatus, I have decided to start writing again, only a little differently.

This time, instead of writing short little reflections for my blog, I’m going to start sharing more of the writing that defines me, the writing I think I do best—the writing which is most terrifying to share.

These are going to be posts about my life story: the things that have shaped me, the journeys I have traveled. It might feel more like memoir at times. Some of these stories I have shared before in some form with a few who are close to me. Some I have never shared at all. I will intersperse longer stories with short reflections, and old material with new, to keep the past connected to the present.

This will be my most honest writing, my most vulnerable. I write not for pity or congratulation or controversy but because I hope that in being vulnerable, I will also be relatable. I know that my favorite blogs and stories are those that are genuine and honest. I know that my story wants to be shared more broadly. I also know that sharing it is a risk. But risk makes writing worthwhile.

Know that my writing in the following weeks will come from the heart. I am sure you will treat these words with the same gentleness and grace that you have always treated me.

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