About the blog

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I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but I have only for the last few years begun to venture into the scary world of letting other people read what I write. My goal on the blog is to be authentic and vulnerable and honest as I write about the journey of life, faith, and community. We are all on a journey, and sometimes it is nice to know we aren't alone. I know that I have been thankful for people along the way who shared their deepest stories with me.

I appreciate you taking the time to "visit"! If you're new around here and aren't sure where to start, here are some posts that I think reflect what I'm about:

Life. Here I wrote about the challenges of the first year of marriage and then learning to find happiness and peace in the ordinary rhythms of daily life. I've also written about friendships that last through changes.

Faith. Here I wrote about feeling called to be a pastor; and here I did a 5-piece series on experiencing questions, loneliness, doubt, and healing in my journey of faith.

Compassion and growth. Here I wrote about what I learned from listening to my LGBT friends and here about learning to be genuine even with people who have different beliefs.

*Note: I owe the title of my blog to the Mary Oliver poem, "White Flowers." It's lovely, google it!