Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Rains in Cherokee!

We have had a giant rainstorm this week. It started raining Saturday and seemed like it didn't stop until today. Still drizzling, and we are expecting snow tomorrow. As far as I know no one's been hurt, though there's been minor flooding of some campgrounds in the area, and part of the road in the national park washed into the river in a mudslide.

It's hard to put words to describe the power of the river with all this water, or the curious beauty of the trees sticking out of the water, or the misty mountains in the morning.

So I'll just say this:
I think it's good that every now and then something comes along that brings us out of our little individual problems, to experience something big together.

I think it's good that we can be reminded every now and then, even in a culture where we insulate ourselves against heat, cold, loneliness, quiet, lack of power, etc.--that some things are out of our control. 

It is a truth that is frightening. Awe-inspiring.


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